We aspire to bring peace both physically and spiritually to our customers through our fully customized products made by locally grown wood.
Custom Order
Kimura Woodcraft Factory prides itself in our exceptional products made with great care. We take detailed orders for small items as well as large facilities.
Products of Kimura Woodcraft Factory have been featured in world recognized international trade fairs and magazines, including Maison & Objet, Milano Salone, and Wallpaper*.

Traditional, but Progressive

Kimura Woodcraft Factory is based in Hirosaki, Aomori prefecture located in the northern tip of Honshu. We aspire to provide hope and a taste of charm through our fully customized products and bring peace both physically and spiritually. Trees have the power of healing people’s mind, and forests have the mystical power of bringing life into the world. As the expression “return to the forest” says, living among trees relaxes one’s mind and body, allowing creativity to blossom. It is our sincere hope that our crafts will lead you closer to the power of the forest.

Kimura Woodcraft Factory, Limited. 4-3-17 Chitose Hirosaki,Aomori,Japan 036-8131