We aspire to bring peace both physically and spiritually to our customers through our fully customized products made by locally grown wood.
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Kimura Woodcraft Factory prides itself in our exceptional products made with great care. We take detailed orders for small items as well as large facilities.
Products of Kimura Woodcraft Factory have been featured in world recognized international trade fairs and magazines, including Maison & Objet, Milano Salone, and Wallpaper*.

Custom Order

Kimura Woodcraft Factory – Japanese Woodcraft Professionals

Trees are the products of the energy from our sun and they comprise an invaluable yet replenishable resource. Water, air, and soil are indispensable elements of the natural balance we humans need. The life of a tree is a magnificent story of living through days of brilliant sunshine as well as severe weather, surpassing the scale of a human lifetime. Our task is to bring out the story and the strength of the tree through our crafts.
Kimura Woodcraft Factory prides itself in the exceptional products made with great care.

Kimura Woodcraft Factory's creations are miniature architecture

Our custom made furniture is made by highly skilled professionals at our factory. We are able to take detailed requests based on our customer's life style. Our materials include apple wood, Aomori hiba (cypress), Douglas fir, Oak, Polyester, Melamin panels and more. We take orders for small items, large furniture, art objects, and transportation facilities. Without the use of computer controlled machinery, all orders are made by manual shaving; therefore, all items are absolutely one of a kind.


Bus "Gururin" Interior

This is a tour bus that services major sightseeing spots in Fukuoka city. It runs only on the weekends, holidays, and spring and summer breaks. Passengers are free to ride to any stop, allowing visitors to sightsee at their own leisure. The flooring, seats, handles are all made of wood, creating a wonderfully warm atmosphere.

2011 Good Design Award
Design: Eiji Mitooka and Don Design Associates

Nishi-Nippon Railroad Bus

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